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My name is Joyce Dickens and I work in Digital Photography. I like to refer to my work as Infused Artography. I have worked quite a while in photography but only since 2003 have I decided that this is what really brings me Joy and Purpose! I love photography and my camera has become an extension of me; I see beauty everywhere I look, and sometimes it will be the smallest thing that catches my attention and just begs me to photograph it; these things many times would go unnoticed. I feel blessed and am totally in awe of the beauty, which surrounds us, and everyday is like a new beginning, a new moment in time to share what I See with all of you.

There was a time not that long ago, that I would say proudly that I do not edit my photos; that has changed with Digital Technology. I do have thousands of images however, where I have tried to keep my original image as unedited as possible, sometimes only enhancing the lighting or the color saturation just a tad, but now when I really want to play I will create something that is hard to tell if it began or ended with a photograph. I find that as time progresses, and new programs develop, one must keep up with the ever-changing technology in order to meet the demands of the growing Art market.

I consider myself to be spiritually in tune and very aware of the cosmic energies which surround us all. To me, Balance, Compassion Harmony, Joy, Inspiration, Light and Love are all those energies that I try to incorporate into my work and if I can bring a smile to your face and joy to your heart through my images, then my day has been a success!

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I am doing business under the name Numbers Plus Photography; please take a moment to drop by my website......




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